Wacky or stupid Pics

This part of the site came about because some of the stupid pics I have need explaining or have stories behind them.

The Dead Fish Wine

This is a bottle of that I saw at the New Glasgow liquor store. It was marked down half price from $20 to $10. This is not why I bought it though. I bought it because it had a dead fish symbol on it. I mean the sheer novelty of having a dead fish logo on the bottle alone justifies the price of the wine. I would love to meet the person who chose the dead fish logo.

The "borrowed" Exit sign

This exit sign now belongs to a friend of mine. His father got bored at work one day or something and decided to "borrow" the sign for personal home use. There is nothing weirder than seeing one of these signs in a friendís home.

Vegetarian Pizza

A local pizza place decided to sell pizzas at one of the local grocery stores. The problem was he apparently did not realize what Canadians liked on their vegetarian pizzas. The toppings you see are peas and corn... and nothing else. Needless to say he sold none of his vegetarian pizzas.

Melanistic Mutant Pheasant

During a trip to the Shubenacadie wildlife park. Unfortunately the pheasant looked like a typical pheasant. It was a gray bird! What a dissapointment

Yarn Sale

The sign is pretty self-explanatory. I can't imagine yarn being that much of a demand item where it would require a sign that big. Who gets that excited over a yarn sale anyways?

The Westville Liquor Store

At first glance this liquor store appears normal... however upon closer inspection it is a closed down elementary school. The flagpole is still out front. The liquor store moved from the downtown location to the old elementary school. So what does the liquor store look like on the inside? Well, it's in the old gym. The gym still has all the logos and emblems, etc. of the old school. So basically to buy liquor you walk into the front entrance and walk into a converted gym. This is by far the coolest liquor store.

The Broken Door

This is a sign that was on a door at Nicholson hall at the lovely STFX campus. The line "door will fall off" was asking for trouble. There were four of us ready to fake a lawsuit. One pulls the door off while someone takes a pic, another a movie, and the fourth would be a witness. Unfortunately the plot was scrapped when the door failed to fall off... they had welded it shut :p

Microwave in use

This sign was at the sobeys on the corner of North and Windsor streets in Halifax. It's on a microwave that people use to heat up their subs or sandwiches. Pretty self explanatory... by the time you see the microwave you see the sign.

The Giant Freaking Pizza

When I visited my cousin in Halifax we decided to get pizza. He told me about this place that had a 37 inch pizza. So we ordered one. Well, firts thing you know is that a guy in an SUV pulls up. he gets out and pops the trunk! Yes the pizza was so big they had to deliver it in the trunk of an SUV! The next problem was getting it in the door. The pizza was so big that we had to tip it on it's side to get it in the door. The pizza won't fit through standard door frames. My cousin had to clear of an entire table just to set the pizza down, it took up the entire table. He's in the pic with the pizza for comparsion. remember that he is 6'5"!

American Trash Can

I went to fredericton for a week-end and ended up in the states... Houlton, Maine to be exact. Anyhow, as you can read on the trash can Americans must have trouble with people sifting through their trash. Enough of a warning that a frigging common sense sticker had to be put on the trash can.

Do Not Hump Sign

This I found on the end of a coal car near the local walking trail. I don't know what the railroad company thinks of humanity... but they must have a pretty low opinion of people if they feel the need to paint "do not hump" on the end of the coal car.

Microwave in the River

This is a microwave I saw in the Antigonish river... not surprisingly it was right beside the pub.

Spider-man is Peter Barker?!?

I was looking for something to watch on TV one night. I saw that Spiderman was on. I read the description and saw that they called him Peter Barker instead of Peter Parker.

Lick a Chick

On my way to Sydney one day I saw the restaurant pictured above. Go Cape Breton!

Pictou Landmark

Way to go Pictou! It's pretty bad when this is your town's claim to fame... well that's not fair. Pictou is famous for better reasons, but this sign struck me weird.

Guns in Wal-Mart!

I was in Wal-mart in the United states and saw these guns. How can America have a gun problem when there are guns displayed for the public to view like any other stock item? There are 2 more gun racks in easily accessible glass cases just out of the photo.

Bathroom Sign

Ok, After reading this sign you can quickly realize how disgusting my rez floor was... well this is what happens when 35 guys share 6 toilets. Don't continue reading unless you are prepared for a graphic description behind the sign. The way our bathroom is set up is as such: 2 toilets in the back that are exclusive for shitting, and four toilets in the front that are only for pissing. Now a guy pisses standing up, which tends to splatter all over the seat, hence the need for toilets with designated functions. Anyhow we had a problem where guys were not flushing the toilets. This went on for a while until one night every toilet was full of shit and one toilet even had shit on the seat... ewwwwww. So these signs were posted. We had no problems since.

"Lobster Burger"

I was driving the sunrise trail along the coast of northern Nova Scotia. Me and my father were picking up some furniture from a recently deceased aunt. On the way back while we were passing through a small town we a sign... the sign said "Lobster Burgers". At first glance nothing appears to be wrong, but look closely. The proprietor of the business put the word lobster in quotations... which leads one to believe that in reality the lobster burger may contain no lobster.

Mealhall Pizza Party!

Mealhall decided to have a contest to see which dorm floor could bring the most dishes back to mealhall. The dorm floor that returned the most dishes would win a pizza and ice cream party... there are so many flaws with this system it isn't even funny. I felt compelled to write a rant about this at one point.

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